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Gingerbread Decorating or Cookie Exchange Party



Whether you are throwing a Gingerbread decorating party, a cookie exchange party, a dessert party, or any type of Holiday party, this Gingerbread and Cookie theme will suit it all! Festively decorated cookies, collaged upon cookie recipes will catch your guests eye, and make them eager to join in the fun. Check out B.Nute’s Gingerbread Decorating or Cookie Exchange Party invitations on etsy for details.


Deck the house with other Gingerbread party accessories to make this a sweet and memorable holiday for all. Below are some decorating ideas for your Gingerbread Cookie party.

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More Decoration Ideas: Gingerbread & Cookies Personalized Banner

Gingerbread men and women, with sugar cookie trees, stars, candy canes and more... This personalized holiday banner will bring the spirit of the holidays to any little ones room! This matching banner can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.


Decorate an Apron

Head over to your local craft store and pick up a bunch of plain canvas aprons for the guests to decorate. Set out on a table a couple glue guns and loads of trimmings: pom pons, beads, ric rac, etc. Also have available fabric swatches (possibly to make patches), and fabric paints for decorating the apron. Have the cookie theme be inspiration for the designs that can be made-- or perhaps fill the apron with images of all things good to eat-- cookies, cupcakes, pies and more! Give a prize to the best decorated apron with a gift certificate at a cooking store, or possibly a dinner out (so the new apron can have a "rest")!

Make Cookie Cutter Ornaments

An easy project, with a great final look-- set out many sheets of decorative papers, and holiday cookie ornaments. Holding the ornament in place, trace the outside edge. Use scissors to cut out the paper in the cookie cutter shape. With a glue gun, attach the paper to one side of the ornament. Now dab a little glue on the top and add a ribbon to hang. A great addition to your holiday tree. Here are more detailed instructions for making a cookie cutter ornament from Martha Stewart.


Free Printable Holiday Cookie Recipe Card by B.Nute productions

The holiday baking season is just around the corner! Here are some free printable Gingerbread/Cookie Recipe Cards perfect to attach to your gift box of goodies, or great for setting out at your Cookie Exchange party so guests can fill out their favorite recipes.

Free Printable Holiday Cookie Recipe Cards by B.Nute productions

Instructions for Making Holiday Cookie Recipe Cards

1. Select link above, and print out the invitation on 8.5" x 11" card stock from your browser. I suggest using a heavier card stock to give the recipe cards some weight. 

2. Cut out each card.

3. Fill in with your favorite cookie recipe.

Printable items are copyright protected, and provided free of charge by B.Nute productions for personal use only. B.Nute's printables can not be sold, altered, or provided for download on any other site. For questions or inquiries, please contact B.Nute productions.


Inspiration Board


Below are some ideas on what to give as goodie bag treats at your Gingerbread Cookie Party.


If you throw a Gingerbread Cookie Party, send us the pictures! We’d love to include them on our website to show everyone the fun that was had!

1. Gingerbread Cookie Gift or Goodie Bag Tags

Do you love to make your family and friends a batch of holiday cookies? Or just love the look of gingerbread men at the holidays? These tags are perfect for your holiday gifts. Tags are 2 sided, one side with hand designed cookie collage (2 images, one gingerbread, and the other of cookies); 2nd side is either standard “To:/From:” text or personalized text of your choice. These goodie bag/gift tags can be purchased on bnute.etsy.com.

Gingerbread Man Poem

Once there was a gingerbread man,
Baking in a gingerbread pan.
Raisin eyes and a cherry nose, 
Trimmed right down to his fingers and toes.
A gingerbread man in a gingerbread pan!

Here's the woman who made him so sweet,
A treat for her and her husband to eat,
She made him with flour and sugar and eggs,
She gave him a face and two arms and two legs.
A gingerbread man in a gingerbread pan!

~ Excerpt from a children’s poem

Give Your Guests a Cookie Theme

The first thing that needs to happen for a Cookie Exchange party is to let each guest know that they need to bring some cookies to the party, of course! Have them bring about twice as many cookies as guests, so when making their cookie box to take home, each guest can take approximately 2 of each kind. You can tell your guests to make whatever type of cookie they like, or you can give them a theme. Here are some cookie theme ideas:

  1. Make an old family favorite cookie recipe - perhaps from mom, grandma, or great-grandmother. Do some research on this one, and have fun!

  2. Make a "retro" cookie that you remember when you were a child, or perhaps your mom used to make... you know the kinds, the cookies with potato chips added for extra crunch, or how about Hay Stacks with chow mein noodles!

  3. Make a traditional cookie recipe from another country - you could assign your guests a country, or have them pick their own.

  4. Make a kids favorite cookie recipe- Good ol'chocolate chip or rice krispy treats are always tasty!

  5. Make only chocolate delights - This could be fudge, or chocolate dipped oreos... any recipe with chocolate will do!

Tell a Story

We all have stories to tell about cooking-- with mom, with grandmom, or perhaps with your babysitter when you were young! As an extra to the evening, ask your guests to not only bring cookies to share, but also have them prepare a story to tell why they made that specific recipe. When all are gathered, go around the room and have everyone share their stories. The stories may be funny, or touching... and it's sure to give a little insight or glimpse into the lives of the other guests.

Sample and Grade

Once the party has begun, and folks have had a chance to mingle a bit... gather everyone around the table or tables with cookies and let the sampling begin! You could have a taste test, where everyone picks their favorite cookie. Perhaps the winner could receive a prize, like a new cookie tray, or apron!

Recipe Swap

Folks will love sampling all the different cookies, and will inevitably want the recipe. Make sure to have everyone bring a copy of the recipe to the party, so they can swap after tasting. Set out a stack of blank recipe cards and pens, and let folks copy the recipe next to the cookie they like. When they leave, they may have a stack of new recipes to try at home.

Fill Your Own Cookie Box

One of the best parts of this party is everyone leaves with a delicious goodie bag! Have "take out" bags or cookie boxes ready for folks to load up and take home. I love these cookie boxes from Candy Soiree... so vintage and fun! Add some colorful bakers twine for them to wrap the box once it's full, for an old fashioned touch!